Came-Tv Tripod Dolly and Magnetic Track System – Satostudio Gear

For our latest music video project, we wanted to include a movement that had more travel than a slider and extremely consistent repeatable tracking over using a gimbal. We had the opportunity to use the new Came-Tv Tripod Dolly with Magnetic Track System and it worked amazing.

Fast and easy to set up with no tools required and packs nicely in an easy to travel bag. You can setup a curved tracking shot, straight linear tracking, or combine the tracks for a curved-to-straight tracking shot. Even though it seems like an old technology, Came-tv has made it portable enough to bring to any shoot and bring that extra production value. Unlike working with a gimbal, the tracking shots are very consistent and the movement can be repeated without variation. This is important when working with a shallow depth of field to ensure your subject remains in position and focused.

came-tv tripod dolly and magnetic track system
CAME-TV Curved or Straight Tripod Dolly and Magnetic Track System

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