Cinevate MODO timelapse unit with DUZI V3 slider

Cinevate MODO timelapse unit with DUZI V3 slider

I am not a huge fan of creating timelapses because of the time it takes to capture footage. Having recently picked up the DUZI V3, I saw the MODO timelapse attachment which I was drawn to based off it’s simple design. So we decided to pick up the Cinevate MODO time-lapse unit right before our trip to Maui Hi.

The MODO doesn’t require batteries or need to be programmed to use. A small motor and wheel are easily mounted to the Duzi V3 Slider and wound up like an egg-timer. To vary the amount of time to travel down the slider, the MODO Timelapse Kit comes with 2 different sized wheels. The larger wheel equating to about 1 hour of time-lapse movement on a 32 inch Duzi slider and a smaller wheel for slightly longer travel time. We figured the large wheel was perfect for our bag because we never have much more than a hour to spare at a shoot.

Overall timelapse with the Cinevate Duzi V3 Slider could not be setup any easier. The MODO kit is fast to setup, simple to use, and takes little space in your travel bag. In my opinion, the Cinevate Duzi is one of the best manual sliders available for price and performance, and the Cinevate MODO is a must have addition to expand it’s creative abilities.

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Cinevate DUZI V3 Carbon Slider and MODO Timelapse Add-on (LINK)

One thought on “Cinevate MODO timelapse unit with DUZI V3 slider

  1. Michael, you pretty much captured the essence of Modo, and it’s design goals. I would only add one point. You’ll get better performance (power) from Modo if you fully wind it by hand, then engage it to the Duzi. It was designed to operate in that fashion and should easily do a 1 degree incline with your A7s if wound up completely.

    Your time lapse shots are! It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place on earth!

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