Cinevate Duzi V3 Slider Review

A slider is a slider right? Well after using about 25 different sliders, my main slider has always been Cinevate because of their build quality and sturdiness. We started years ago with the Pegasus slider and graduated to the Cinevate Atlas. And now after trying out the Duzi V3 with a friend a few weeks ago, we were sold on this new design and decided to make the switch.

As camera quality increases and size decreases, heavy metal sliders are no longer a requirement for the majority of work we product for clients. Our camera systems work perfectly with the light weight design of the Duzi V3 and gives us smooth sliding action over solid lightweight Carbon Rods. As an option, we added the all-terrain legs because of the nature of our shooting style. The ability to mount on a tripod in center or two light stands also makes it versatile for mounting. The locking lever is well thought out and quick compared to the first Duzi. Just a quick left or right motion to lock it tight at any point on the railing.

The new Cinevate Duzi V3 Slider is available in different lengths, optional All-Terrain Legs, and even works the Cinevate Modo Motion Time Lapse Upgrade Kit.

Cinevate Version 3 Motion Control Timelapse
Cinevate Duzi Verion 3 Kits

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