Came TV Single 3 Axis Gimbal Review in Half Dome

I recently took a trip to Yosemite Valley with a few friends and planned on hiking Half Dome. I usually bring all my gear including a gimbal but sometimes its just too much. When I saw the Came-TV Single I knew that would be a good gimbal to test out for my hiking.It breaks apart into two pieces and fit into my backpack easily with a 70-200, Sony a7s and Sony 16-35mm F/4 OIS.

I wanted to keep my setup small to not over stress the CAME-Single since its a smaller gimbal. So I decided to use a Native lens (sony), choosing to not use a metabones adapter. The battery life is said to be 20 hours so that also is perfect for long hikes or days. I balanced it before I left and packed it away.

It was awesome to be able to pull a gimbal out of your backpack and have it up and running in 30 seconds… I also attached the CAME-TV Single Gimbal to the top of my Tripod by removing manfrotto head. This is useful for shots you can’t normally reach, or over tall cliffs.. ect

Overall the CAME-TV Single Gimbal worked just like I thought it would and would defiantly use it again and recommend it to shooters looking to get those good moments without lugging a larger gimbal around. Being able to fit into my backpack is the best part!

Check out the full length short I made of my trip to Half Dome here :

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